Tuesday, December 24, 2013

When You Barely Know A Person

It is always an exciting thing to meet new friends. New people in our lives have a way of energizing us and giving us energy on knowing fresh things, hearing new ideas, and gaining new perspectives. With the excitement comes the passion to do more and try new adventures. There is basically nothing wrong with this. After all, we are mere social beings who love to be with our kind. Our fellowmen.

But where does the problem really come in with strangers or new acquaintances? The problem lies when we do not think clearly, trust instantly, and find out in the end that we were not supposed to trust the person. This is a fearful experience to many especially if it is our safety which is at stake.

Sometime, we get cheated out of our money or identity. Somehow, we are able to manage through it. But what if it is our own safety at stake? We cannot just take this risk. It is crucial to think of and protect our lives, as well as that of our family.

Doing a background check on the person, whether it is the new neighbor, a new suitor for your daughter, or anyone new whom you might suspect to take a chapter in your life, is of utmost importance. Do not just leave things to fate. Being safe is our responsibility to ourselves and to our families. We should never take that for granted.

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