Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spousal Credibility Check

Trust is one of the most important foundation in any relationship. Should there be something that happens that ruins this essential principle, problem starts to crumble the relationship between partners or a group of people.

Mercy (not a real name) had been married for 7 years. Her marriage with her husband was a simple one. She stays as a housewife, taking care of their 5 year old son while her husband worked in an architectural company. Things are going along well between her and her partner. At weekend they spend time as a family to stroll in the mall, go to their in-laws or just stay at home relax and watch DVD. But then she noticed a change on her husband. He suddenly started to come home very late and often irritated. She just thought that it may just be due to his problems at work so she just didn't mind the problem too much. Then the husband started frequently going on an out of town assignment. This already started Mercy to have a suspicion regarding her husband. In the frustration that she felt, she thought of investigating.

She found out that her husband was all along lying to her and was seeing other woman. His out of town trips were also not true and he was just going to his other woman just living on a property near work. She confronted her husband when he arrived home and they had an argument. This went up to the court.

Hidden problems between partners would not be revealed until things like infidelity shook them. On the other hand, being skeptic about sudden changes on a partner helps to figure out the real problems so that it can be patched up - the sooner, the better.

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