Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Candidate Background Check

Candidates in whatever competition are normally screened for a background investigation. This is done as a basis of their qualification for the place in the competition they are running for. Competitions can be entered in by anomalies not known to voters or followers of a certain candidate. Some cases may involve bribery on the judges to win - a common intrigue on almost every competition. And some sabotaging co-candidates. If a candidate has this as a means to win the contest, should that candidate still be voted?

It should not only be the competition organizers and judges that have to do candidate background check. More so especially the voters (if any) who also have the power to put a candidate to win. Should the winner of that competition affect more people greatly - for instance, candidate for a political position, company or organizational position, international beauty contest etc. These positions affect the majority and so must be guarded more critically beyond apparent basis.

Upon screening a candidate, you must have in mind the things that is important, most especially their capabilities once they win. 

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