Sunday, August 26, 2012

Right Use of Media

Media is a very powerful tool of entertainment, information dissemination, imparting knowledge and moulding morals of a society. That is why it is taking up issues on some moral society groups setting standards to what kind of media should be exposed and what are those that should be banned.

It is important to choose the kind of media that one permeates; Most especially also when our kids  & youth are exposed to them. The youth can easily pick up and follow things especially if it is popular. The most widespread media tool that almost every household has and are exposed to is the television. The television shows, as well as its commercial influences affects people in so many ways. If one doesn’t choose or filter what your children are exposed to, it will influence and mold them greatly. Music is not different from television. A musical lyric other than the kind of music tempo it plays also influences people. The music artists can impart a message through their music. Print media is also one. There are a lot of reading materials, billboards with photographs that shows obscenity. Last but not the least, the world wide web or internet. The internet may be an all in one source of shows, music, photographs and information. It gives people access todifferent information – good and bad. Online games are also one of the things that children as young as toddlers do on their playtime. It is also recently proved to develop addiction on children.

Parents may not always be around to watch what they children do. Sometimes, parents can also be intimidated by these media not knowing anything about it. But there’s a means that can help assure this by doing a research. This way, parents can be up to date and eventually do something with regards to the things  that influences and mould their children.  

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