Friday, August 10, 2012

Property Investment Check

Investment can come in many forms. One may invest on pre-need plans, assets, properties or business. However, in investing, if one has not exercise enough precaution, you may have the risk of loosing a lot and worse end up in big debt.

Glenn (not a real name) is a rich businessman who is drawn in investing his hard earned money in different assets. One of his latter investment was buying a land property on one of the towns in his native land. He had just searched this post for sale on the internet and had only visited and transacted on one meeting with the seller then bought it instantly. The land was an in an ideal area and he is thinking of developing it into a big plantation.

Months passed and after the busyness of doing his work and business, he remembered about this land that he bought and started to work all the things as he had initially have in mind for it. He instructed to clean up the whole place. When the time scheduled for the delivery of the planting materials on the place came, he received a call from the local government asking him and telling him about that land that he is developing. He found out that the land is owned by the local government and the land title that was given to him by the person who sold him the land was fake.

Glenn was devastated upon knowing this and could no longer find the whereabouts of the seller of the land. This is just one example of the cases brought about by neglecting thorough check of everything you invest on.  There are government records to check for the authenticity of the property being sold and also, the credibility of every person who will come to you selling anything should also be checked.

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