Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Online Shopaholics

Michelle is a certified shopaholic. Her only hobby that's been taking stress off her. She loves to shop and dine with her friends especially during payday. She loves to give away gifts to her nieces and nephew, also to her siblings and parents. She give away some of the stuff that she doesn't use to some of her girlfriends. One time that she is browsing on the internet, online marketing websites caught her attention with all the items that she has not been seeing on the malls when she shops. She orders item from several online shops and it was a success. Time and again, shopping online had also became one of her hobbies. She frequently order from her favorite online shops.

One time, she had spotted a favorite brand of shoes on one of the websites that she saw online. It costs hundreds of dollars but she did not mind the price because it is the design that she is looking for so long time but always goes out of stock on malls. Without second thought she orders the shoes and made payment by sending money to the online seller. Most online shops send the items to their customers via shipment after the customer made a payment. However in this case, the item that she ordered did not reached her after the expected date of delivery so she decided to contact the seller of the item to follow up the item delivery. After several messages sent, she received no reply from the seller and she started to think that she had been scammed. 

True as it is when she have researched the name of the online shop for customer reviews, she found out that there have already been many customers that were victimized by that online seller. She tried to use the payment information of the seller to further seek for a means to locate the person. After doing her research, she got the location where the computer IP address is coming from and from there she reported it to the authority and the person was captured and sued. Unluckily she did not get back her money, but it did serve her a lesson not to trust in anything that she sees instantly and be extra vigilant in any online transactions that she makes (but it did not take her shopaholic syndrome tough, she just prefers to shop more on the malls where she can see the actual item and the seller; although from time to time she still orders items online and do not forget to check and pick the authentic ones.

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