Saturday, August 4, 2012

Corporate Case Resolved by Reverse Email Search

Jaime is a secretary at the Realty company and her task includes creating quarterly report of sales of the different corporation under their umbrella group of companies. During the previous months, the company's revenue has been thriving up due to the opening of new projects. On one day however, as she is preparing the financial reports, she had received a mysterious email from an unknown sender. After checking the email, she found out that it shows a record of their company's financial accounts of the previous 8months. She was shocked to see the discrepancy of the said financial records as she compared it to the records that she has been receiving from the accounts office of each of the company that JBC Realty Group owns. Knowing about this, she initially thought that this will be a big scandal once she opened this up to the company executives - but this is her only option. Reporting this first to her immediate superior, they have agreed to keep this between themselves first and decided to investigate on the anomaly before telling it to the board.

The very first thing that they decided to do is to know who is the mysterious email sender that have sent the financial record to them. Checking the personal profiles and records of all their employees did not help so they sought thoroughly finding other means to discover the owner of the email account. After some research they have come to use online search engine as that tool that gave them the information that they are seeking. Reverse email look up is one of the procedures that online search engines returns. After finding out the person responsible for sending the email, they invited the person to relate the records that he has sent and the intention behind. After further investigation, they opened the case to the board and the case was dealt. 

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