Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anomaly Investigation

Anomaly can happen almost anywhere and in any field. An anomaly is an irregularity that happens out of the normal system observed in an institution or an organization. Any anomaly can rouse disturbance and opposition; thereby any member of an organization can interfere or do something to investigate and file a case to the authorities if proven.

An anomaly maybe rooted in a self-centered interest. A person may engage in an illegal transaction, use influence to create unsolicited alteration or deal behind the knowledge of concerned people.  An anomaly is common in a company, institution, government offices or even a small group of people.

An occurrence of an anomaly happens in three classifications: Insertion, Deletion and Update. Insertion happens when an information or an entity is entered or enclosed anywhere whether in a file, database, or stock of items. It may also be in a form of favor, money or component. Deletion is when information, record, item or money suddenly disappears without any reflection on the records or knowledge of the people concern. Update occurs when there is an uninvited adjustment of records or files that happened whether by insertion or deletion.

A system or records that are appropriately and regularly normalized is less likely to be accessed and done an anomaly. On the other hand, a record is easily altered when records are not organized and unguarded.  When this happens, the company has more problems to solve.

Investigating an anomaly may be a rigorous process. The accused may come in sorts of excuse just to cover up for the crime. Some may even devise a ready counter solution in case that the irregularities have been discovered. However, when a person who files an accusation be vigilant enough, there is no impossibilities that the case will be resolved.

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