Thursday, August 30, 2012

Email Spammer Lookup

Spammers are a prick to the head. When you see one on your email list, and you do not have any idea where it came from or how you get them, its quite freaky most especially when it uses your email account to cause a swarm of spam mails to be forwarded to your friends. Your friends may likewise be infected with it  once they get to open the email and click any link on its content.

Spam mail is like a virus and once you have them, it would definitely take a lot of time to reverse their damage on your files and on your friends'. More so, if you are not knowledgeable enough on how to eliminate and prevent them. Internet is very accessible to all. Because of this freedom and lack of security, anyone - even the ill-willed people can create schemes in order to fool people and create money for themselves regardless of who they are affecting.

If companies that have a more systematic way of protecting their files by hiring an IT expert still experience system failure at times, how much more ordinary private users that have less idea on IT, it can get very frustrating.

If you experience this often, you may become more concerned about who your spammers are and find means to stop them. There is a way that you can do to trace them. Nowadays, when you use an online search engines, it can help you do an email or web link search. Through this you may know the origin of the emails being sent to you.

This is a long process but it helps a lot of people. As long as there are someone who takes time and way to stop illegal activities on the internet, more people will be warned not to engage on them and they would eventually stop.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Right Use of Media

Media is a very powerful tool of entertainment, information dissemination, imparting knowledge and moulding morals of a society. That is why it is taking up issues on some moral society groups setting standards to what kind of media should be exposed and what are those that should be banned.

It is important to choose the kind of media that one permeates; Most especially also when our kids  & youth are exposed to them. The youth can easily pick up and follow things especially if it is popular. The most widespread media tool that almost every household has and are exposed to is the television. The television shows, as well as its commercial influences affects people in so many ways. If one doesn’t choose or filter what your children are exposed to, it will influence and mold them greatly. Music is not different from television. A musical lyric other than the kind of music tempo it plays also influences people. The music artists can impart a message through their music. Print media is also one. There are a lot of reading materials, billboards with photographs that shows obscenity. Last but not the least, the world wide web or internet. The internet may be an all in one source of shows, music, photographs and information. It gives people access todifferent information – good and bad. Online games are also one of the things that children as young as toddlers do on their playtime. It is also recently proved to develop addiction on children.

Parents may not always be around to watch what they children do. Sometimes, parents can also be intimidated by these media not knowing anything about it. But there’s a means that can help assure this by doing a research. This way, parents can be up to date and eventually do something with regards to the things  that influences and mould their children.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Online Shopaholics

Michelle is a certified shopaholic. Her only hobby that's been taking stress off her. She loves to shop and dine with her friends especially during payday. She loves to give away gifts to her nieces and nephew, also to her siblings and parents. She give away some of the stuff that she doesn't use to some of her girlfriends. One time that she is browsing on the internet, online marketing websites caught her attention with all the items that she has not been seeing on the malls when she shops. She orders item from several online shops and it was a success. Time and again, shopping online had also became one of her hobbies. She frequently order from her favorite online shops.

One time, she had spotted a favorite brand of shoes on one of the websites that she saw online. It costs hundreds of dollars but she did not mind the price because it is the design that she is looking for so long time but always goes out of stock on malls. Without second thought she orders the shoes and made payment by sending money to the online seller. Most online shops send the items to their customers via shipment after the customer made a payment. However in this case, the item that she ordered did not reached her after the expected date of delivery so she decided to contact the seller of the item to follow up the item delivery. After several messages sent, she received no reply from the seller and she started to think that she had been scammed. 

True as it is when she have researched the name of the online shop for customer reviews, she found out that there have already been many customers that were victimized by that online seller. She tried to use the payment information of the seller to further seek for a means to locate the person. After doing her research, she got the location where the computer IP address is coming from and from there she reported it to the authority and the person was captured and sued. Unluckily she did not get back her money, but it did serve her a lesson not to trust in anything that she sees instantly and be extra vigilant in any online transactions that she makes (but it did not take her shopaholic syndrome tough, she just prefers to shop more on the malls where she can see the actual item and the seller; although from time to time she still orders items online and do not forget to check and pick the authentic ones.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Business Joint Venture

Some business people find it easier for their business to accumulate or generate more income when they do joint venture with a good apprentice or business. A joint venture in a business can mean a business partner in addition to support finances, or partnership to complement products or marketing strategies, human resources, and other outsourcing.

Engaging in a joint venture is not an easy decision to do. Prior to making this deal, one must weigh the pros and consequences of running business partnership with someone. It may mean setting boundaries, accounting shares and talking out matters with your partner before making decisions. It may also mean possibilities of disagreement on all possible matters.

In deciding for a business joint venture, one must make sure that the business to partner with is stable. This is important to prevent compromise and affect the business in a negative way. You must also be clear on your reason to partner with others - if it would be better to do business stand alone or with someone else. Sometimes, a joint venture is not what you need to sustain your business. You must see every angle before you commit to it.

Also, a joint venture business must require dedication on both parties. It is not something that you will engage in and let the other party do all the necessary move on the business. It must involve the both of you, except if you are willing to lose ownership of your business to the other.

You must also be vigilant on looking up for the accounting stuff, minding the credits and debits of your finances. The most common reason why business partners do not last or succeed is due to financial misunderstanding, so be watchful about this.

Most importantly build strong partnership by building camaraderie with your business partner to make the flow of the business smooth and ungrudging for the both of you. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anomaly Investigation

Anomaly can happen almost anywhere and in any field. An anomaly is an irregularity that happens out of the normal system observed in an institution or an organization. Any anomaly can rouse disturbance and opposition; thereby any member of an organization can interfere or do something to investigate and file a case to the authorities if proven.

An anomaly maybe rooted in a self-centered interest. A person may engage in an illegal transaction, use influence to create unsolicited alteration or deal behind the knowledge of concerned people.  An anomaly is common in a company, institution, government offices or even a small group of people.

An occurrence of an anomaly happens in three classifications: Insertion, Deletion and Update. Insertion happens when an information or an entity is entered or enclosed anywhere whether in a file, database, or stock of items. It may also be in a form of favor, money or component. Deletion is when information, record, item or money suddenly disappears without any reflection on the records or knowledge of the people concern. Update occurs when there is an uninvited adjustment of records or files that happened whether by insertion or deletion.

A system or records that are appropriately and regularly normalized is less likely to be accessed and done an anomaly. On the other hand, a record is easily altered when records are not organized and unguarded.  When this happens, the company has more problems to solve.

Investigating an anomaly may be a rigorous process. The accused may come in sorts of excuse just to cover up for the crime. Some may even devise a ready counter solution in case that the irregularities have been discovered. However, when a person who files an accusation be vigilant enough, there is no impossibilities that the case will be resolved.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Property Investment Check

Investment can come in many forms. One may invest on pre-need plans, assets, properties or business. However, in investing, if one has not exercise enough precaution, you may have the risk of loosing a lot and worse end up in big debt.

Glenn (not a real name) is a rich businessman who is drawn in investing his hard earned money in different assets. One of his latter investment was buying a land property on one of the towns in his native land. He had just searched this post for sale on the internet and had only visited and transacted on one meeting with the seller then bought it instantly. The land was an in an ideal area and he is thinking of developing it into a big plantation.

Months passed and after the busyness of doing his work and business, he remembered about this land that he bought and started to work all the things as he had initially have in mind for it. He instructed to clean up the whole place. When the time scheduled for the delivery of the planting materials on the place came, he received a call from the local government asking him and telling him about that land that he is developing. He found out that the land is owned by the local government and the land title that was given to him by the person who sold him the land was fake.

Glenn was devastated upon knowing this and could no longer find the whereabouts of the seller of the land. This is just one example of the cases brought about by neglecting thorough check of everything you invest on.  There are government records to check for the authenticity of the property being sold and also, the credibility of every person who will come to you selling anything should also be checked.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Corporate Case Resolved by Reverse Email Search

Jaime is a secretary at the Realty company and her task includes creating quarterly report of sales of the different corporation under their umbrella group of companies. During the previous months, the company's revenue has been thriving up due to the opening of new projects. On one day however, as she is preparing the financial reports, she had received a mysterious email from an unknown sender. After checking the email, she found out that it shows a record of their company's financial accounts of the previous 8months. She was shocked to see the discrepancy of the said financial records as she compared it to the records that she has been receiving from the accounts office of each of the company that JBC Realty Group owns. Knowing about this, she initially thought that this will be a big scandal once she opened this up to the company executives - but this is her only option. Reporting this first to her immediate superior, they have agreed to keep this between themselves first and decided to investigate on the anomaly before telling it to the board.

The very first thing that they decided to do is to know who is the mysterious email sender that have sent the financial record to them. Checking the personal profiles and records of all their employees did not help so they sought thoroughly finding other means to discover the owner of the email account. After some research they have come to use online search engine as that tool that gave them the information that they are seeking. Reverse email look up is one of the procedures that online search engines returns. After finding out the person responsible for sending the email, they invited the person to relate the records that he has sent and the intention behind. After further investigation, they opened the case to the board and the case was dealt.