Sunday, July 22, 2012

Missing Relative Found

He was a retired officer of the armed forces . He had served 40 years of his life serving his country. After his retirement from duty, he went home to his family and spent an awesome time with his wife and their grandchildren. Not soon after those happy years, he started to experience events of forgetfulness. It started from simple things such as forgetting to close the faucet after brushing teeth, forgetting the name of the street where they live, and as it went worse, he soon fail in recognizing the names of the member of his family. This have became alarming for his family so they decided to take him to the doctor and found out from the diagnosis that he had developed a disease called Alzheimer. The bad news is that this is a debilitating kind of disease that is expected to get worse over time. This saddened his family but they decided to take good care of him. They take turns on attending his needs and watching him to make sure that all is well.

However, on one day that his wife was cooking at the kitchen, she left him in the garden. After preparing the food at the table, she went to see where she left him only to find out that he was not there. She looked for him around the house but he was nowhere to be found. The wife called up the whole family and they all looked for him in the neighborhood but he was not found. He reported it to the police who took efforts in order to find Steven. Some people that they have asked told that they seen an old man walking pass them on this and that direction. They looked for every place possible where they may find him and exhaust any means to search. 

It took a year of searching with negative results but on one day that one of her daughters was browsing the net, she came across online search and typed the name and all the relevant information about her father. Luckily on her search, it returned her a name of a certain home for the aged and there they found him. 

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