Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hidden Wealth Investigation

Declaration of assets and wealth may be considered confidential for an ordinary citizen who is not entangled by any responsibility beyond the circle of their family. But this rule is never the same as one steps beyond this perimeter. A person may be obliged to declare the sum record of all the assets when he or she enters a position that is critical and requires transparency and maintenance of public or majority trust.

For instance, for an executive or high position in a company or the most common positions in regards to politics. The main purpose of declaring one’s assets rooting with trust is to monitor any possibility of graft and corruption while in the position. Aside from the declaration of present assets prior to taking over a position, the movement of their transactions is also monitored during their term. The process of check and balance is always held.

Graft and corruption are very critical issues in any position most especially when one holds great power that can be used to influence, direct, disseminate and command others for selfish gain. Using power to acquire wealth is one of the evils that are stuck with politics for histories. And this isn’t any different with private companies.

As private citizen and individual, one may not have all the access to every information that you want to get. To do so, one should be authorized and eligible. However, at certain level one may do a research or background check on a person they wish to get information about. Vigilance is important most especially for the very people that are duly affected by every decisions coming from the one in the position. It is in exhibiting great concern by individuals that a company or a whole nation can be shielded from the evil of selfish motives done by few individuals.

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