Sunday, July 22, 2012

Missing Relative Found

He was a retired officer of the armed forces . He had served 40 years of his life serving his country. After his retirement from duty, he went home to his family and spent an awesome time with his wife and their grandchildren. Not soon after those happy years, he started to experience events of forgetfulness. It started from simple things such as forgetting to close the faucet after brushing teeth, forgetting the name of the street where they live, and as it went worse, he soon fail in recognizing the names of the member of his family. This have became alarming for his family so they decided to take him to the doctor and found out from the diagnosis that he had developed a disease called Alzheimer. The bad news is that this is a debilitating kind of disease that is expected to get worse over time. This saddened his family but they decided to take good care of him. They take turns on attending his needs and watching him to make sure that all is well.

However, on one day that his wife was cooking at the kitchen, she left him in the garden. After preparing the food at the table, she went to see where she left him only to find out that he was not there. She looked for him around the house but he was nowhere to be found. The wife called up the whole family and they all looked for him in the neighborhood but he was not found. He reported it to the police who took efforts in order to find Steven. Some people that they have asked told that they seen an old man walking pass them on this and that direction. They looked for every place possible where they may find him and exhaust any means to search. 

It took a year of searching with negative results but on one day that one of her daughters was browsing the net, she came across online search and typed the name and all the relevant information about her father. Luckily on her search, it returned her a name of a certain home for the aged and there they found him. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hidden Wealth Investigation

Declaration of assets and wealth may be considered confidential for an ordinary citizen who is not entangled by any responsibility beyond the circle of their family. But this rule is never the same as one steps beyond this perimeter. A person may be obliged to declare the sum record of all the assets when he or she enters a position that is critical and requires transparency and maintenance of public or majority trust.

For instance, for an executive or high position in a company or the most common positions in regards to politics. The main purpose of declaring one’s assets rooting with trust is to monitor any possibility of graft and corruption while in the position. Aside from the declaration of present assets prior to taking over a position, the movement of their transactions is also monitored during their term. The process of check and balance is always held.

Graft and corruption are very critical issues in any position most especially when one holds great power that can be used to influence, direct, disseminate and command others for selfish gain. Using power to acquire wealth is one of the evils that are stuck with politics for histories. And this isn’t any different with private companies.

As private citizen and individual, one may not have all the access to every information that you want to get. To do so, one should be authorized and eligible. However, at certain level one may do a research or background check on a person they wish to get information about. Vigilance is important most especially for the very people that are duly affected by every decisions coming from the one in the position. It is in exhibiting great concern by individuals that a company or a whole nation can be shielded from the evil of selfish motives done by few individuals.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sold Properties Verification

Not all properties that are being sold are real, quality material or authentic. When buying big properties, you should check important documents and other proof of authentic ownership from the seller. There are cases of fraud that you should be careful about. If you are in doubt about the property that you are eyeing to buy, make sure you do things to verify, otherwise don’t buy the property at all.

There are many modus that some sellers do that set buyers in unsuspecting traps. Some sell properties with fake documents and you will only find this out after you already have given payment. Some may even be mortgaged but the seller would hide it from buyers. Some have hidden damages and defects that are not reflected in the property description.  

For more secure purposes, it is safer to buy from those already known for the good quality and reputation in any industry. You can be surer to have the kind of property or product that have been tried and tested by many buyers and consumers. Also, they can give you guarantee over the property that you will buy in case of any dissatisfaction or damages.

On the other hand, if you consider buying from an unknown source, brand or seller, it would be advisable for you to do a bit of research and meticulous check. This is to make sure that the product is worth the buy. You may inquire on government offices for records of license or eligibility of the seller; also for authorizations of establishment. If this sounds time consuming to do, you can do online search and verification on the seller or establishment instead. By doing this, you can be more confident to buy the property that you want without the hassles and worries in mind.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Closed Case Re-investigation

There are instances that a court case that is considered closed can be reopened when a party appeals to a higher court. This case can happen once a new evidence comes out that can make a definitive change in the court’s decision. In many countries and judiciary systems, many innocent people are paying sentences in jails because of lack of resources and access to the best lawyers. Another sad part is that people who have riches use their influence on the people involved in the court decisions and they are prevailing.

Family and concerned friends of anyone that is considered the underdog in any crime may do something inspite of these injustices that they may encounter. It will never be too late as long as someone would never cease in the pursuit of the case resolution. There are good public lawyers that can stand for winning the case and with the support that you may get on this pursuit, there is no impossibility that all efforts will serve all truth.

A case re-opening can only have chances to strong win if one can come up with strong evidence. Gathering of the previous evidences, studying every angle and digging in more deeply can produce the right answer that you may be looking for. These may sound like role-playing private investigator, and it really is. Using different resources can be good. Talking to people, tracing connection and doing your own research are all helpful. Checking for criminal history if any of the people involved could also come in handy. People search has every information that you may need in your search most especially in doing a person’s  background check. You may also use this in verifying information. With every means of resourcefulness and exhausting the use information technology, you can possibly win the case,  and finally.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Foul Play Investigation

Any crime starts with a plan that the criminals devise prior to doing the act. Upon executing the crime, they may eliminate any trace of evidences that can point to them. This scheme is usual. However, there are crimes that have been planned particularly to deviate the full act in order to set up a certain person who is not really the one who have done the act or crime. The reasons may be different and this can happen before or during the time that the crime is already being assessed in the court of trials.

A foul play gives a way for the real criminal to escape the verdict or the consequences of the crime that was done. Usually, this is devised easily by the criminal especially if they can influence the people who have direct involvement in the case – whether people involved on the act of crime itself or people involved in the resolution of the case on the justice system.

A foul play itself can become a means to just trap a person into a crime. If the person being accused has not enough means to defend himself, this can lead to him serving terms in the prison the crime he has not committed. This case may not be that easy, but with gathering of sufficient facts and evidences, there is always a way to win over the case of accusation. Having a lawyer helps in the resolution of the case. But to help out further, one can also do personal investigation. People records available online can be a great tool that one may use for this. One may start the investigation on the accuser. Aside from a personal background check, there are a lot more information that can get out of it that may lead to discovering the real score of what really happened in the crime leading to one's acquittal.