Thursday, June 21, 2012

Illegal Substance Abuse

The abusive use of illegal substance is one of the major causes and contributor to the world’s most heinous crimes and chaos of society today. You will hear news of different cases that don’t pick regardless of age, gender, race and status in the society – everyone can be a user, everyone can be its victim.

The effect of illegal drugs in the mind of a person is so grave; it causes a person to do things that is out of an irrational thinking of a normal person – isolated and massive killing, rape, child abuse, almost every evil act you can think of. That is why governments worldwide have been making serious attempt to completely eradicate and run after those syndicates that manufactures and disperses these illegal drugs. Campaigns against it are being implemented in every field not just the national security bodies.

The alarming rate of the increased crimes related to the use of illegal drugs makes civil society and groups ready with preventive measures that will stop possible entrance of an illegal drug user in their establishments and fields. Random drug tests are also being done in schools and even in some fields of profession like the law enforcers.

The use of illegal drugs does not happen by chance to people. It tells of how ill societies and many people would turn them away from even thinking about using it. Factors that basically mold society’s morals are family and decent means of living. There are no short-cut to regenerating things back in peace and order and some thinks it is near impossible. But as long as there remains people who stand up for the sake of morality, hope will always bring its possibility. 

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