Monday, March 5, 2012

Land Ownership Investigation

Land ownership is usually something that is granted in the form of a documented land title as a proof of ownership. In a measured land area in a city or town, divisions of land per citizen ownership has to be registered in the local government. This is for the reason of paying land ownership taxes.

Settling in a certain land without holding any land title can be considered as squatting. In certain areas and countries, most especially those that are considered over populated, there’s a greater probability that land ownerships could already be undocumented. This is common to urban areas where a lot of people usually crowd. This scenario creates chaos like demolitions and people retaliating and fighting over the land they’ve owned for themselves unruly. In order to prevent this, land ownership title must be strictly implemented and registered.

Another use and importance of having a land title is on buying and selling of land. If you are going to buy a certain lot, you should check for the authenticity of the land title in the local government registry office. Some sellers have an agenda to present fake titles. Aside from precautions over getting fake land title, you should check for the status of the land in terms of legal and financial matters. Some land title may be mortgaged in a bank and the land ownership title may not yet totally transferred to the seller.

There are means for you to check land title ownership aside from checking it out on a government local office. Checking on an investigative base online search engines can help. Aside from knowing the specifications of the property, you can also know certain relevant information about the seller of the land. Doing this will prevent you from facing sudden rise of problems in the future.

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