Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Human Rights Labor Violation

There are many reported cases of companies, businesses and establishments that do not comply with the human rights regulations set up by the labor regulatory commission in their countries. Many laborers have been suffering from abuse due to the ignorance of their rights. These are common especially to those employed on blue collar jobs.

Another factor that fuels the existence of these companies is lack of job opportunities, most especially in the third world countries. Common laborers often do not have a choice but to tolerate the abuse that is being shouldered on them. They would choose to stay and work for these companies irregardless of some inequities labor malpractice over not having a means of living.

Some of these abuses include unequal basis and computation of salary and compensation. Most of them are not even given work insurance and benefits. In cases of accident or death that happen to the worker they are not supported by medical and financial assistance. Another concern is the long hours of job that does not equal to the salary that they are given; this is common on mass production businesses. Employees are also tied on companies that lack of career growth opportunities for them. In other words, they have no chances of being lifted from the position and labor status that they are in.

The labor unions that have been formed to protect and fight for the rights of these laborers are oftentimes unheard despite their pleas for a change. Government bodies implementing the rules of human rights for laborers can be a great hope as these companies have been proven to be violating a decree.

Union labor groups can search for significant evidences to support their case. Aside from their personal testimonies, they can do additional research and present it on the respective government body or court to win a case.

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