Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bribery Check

Bribery is an act of paying someone to alter or influence people in behalf of doing a favor. Bribery is defined in the Black’s Law dictionary as soliciting in charge of legal duty. Payment may come in the form of money, property, power, position, privilege, and a lot more.

Bribery can be seen and experienced in a lot of situation. One of the most common scenarios involves politics. With the crime of vote-buying during election time, the political candidates make sure that they got the win and eventually get into the position by hook or by crook; and this involves bribing voters with money, gifts, and privileges just to get their votes. The root of graft and corruption in many countries starts when people vote the wrong person into the position in the government. It is that power that they acquire to be able to steal on the national treasury

Another case of bribery is common during tax payments. Those who own big companies and establishments are just normally charged with the corresponding tax amount. But because of some influence, they can push to bribe some officials to be able to decrease the amount that they have to pay. This can also be considered as a form of graft on the part of payee, and betrayal of public trust on the part of the tax official.

Business can also have some stain of bribery as they also deal with different transactions relevant in running the business.

There are a lot more forms of bribery. I only mentioned these as the most common. A person who has been proven to be involved with it can be held to face a lawsuit aside from being terminated from the office he/she is in service. You can know more about the person by doing an online people lookup and background check whenever you got a doubt. By doing so, you will save over the welfare of a lot of people, probably the whole state or country from being taken advantaged by ill few.

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