Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spouse Investigation

In the book of Genesis in the bible, God created both man and woman. Man is created for a woman, and the woman is created for a man. After a run of so many million years, homosexuals are already in the picture. A man is attracted to his fellow man and so is woman to her fellow woman. This had already been common to society.

However common, cases of a woman having a relationship to a man who has not been open about his real gender preference until married life is another story. This can be a cause of great dismay and pain on the part of the woman to discover that she has a man as a rival on her husband. Discovering that your boyfriend is a gay prior to marrying is much easier to accept that learning about it when you are already married. Knowing beforehand that the man you are about to marry is a gay but that who is already on the course of going back to being straight and strongly resisting his feminine tendencies is also easier to accept.

Having a gay spouse beyond a wife’s knowledge can be grounds for annulment of marriage. If a wife is having doubts and suspicions that her husband is a gay, she can seek for a service of an investigator to get evidences that can confirm her suspicions. Women is said to have a strong instinct but the case of sensing the gender of the man whom you have already lived with for a considerable amount of time can become difficult to judge with a clear mind for it can be clouded with different kinds of emotions such as denial, hatred, guilt and many others. These are reasons that would point you of getting clear evidence that you can use if you decide to get an annulment in the future.

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