Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Child Custody and Visitation Investigations

For parents that have been through a problem or cases of separation or abuse, a child’s custody for their child/children is given as an order by a court as to who has the right to take care of the child. Before coming into a decision, there will be court hearing and prior investigation on both parties to ensure that the child will be in better hands - whomsoever it will be granted.

The same process is also done for cases of child adoption. In adopting a child, a written documented or contract must also be availed by the adopting party. This will be a proof that they have the consent and custody and that they have the right to take the child.

There are many known and reported cases of child abuse. These are cases of rape, child trafficking, child labor, maltreatment and many more. A child’s welfare should be assured and protected at all cost. It is for these reasons that human rights law for children is being passed in any constitution. Every child has the right for a care of a loving family – to provide for their basic needs in order to have a good future. This can only be assured if the parent, poster parent, or guardian wherein they will be given has a genuine love and concern on them.

Doing character and background investigation on the candidates for custody is a necessity and a means of assurance. People search engines is a great tool that can help in doing this. When giving the right of custody, the person should be capable of raising the child and can be a good guidance. On the other hand, for the other parent who has not been granted custody, they can also be given visitation rights if proven to deserving.

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