Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spouse Investigation

In the book of Genesis in the bible, God created both man and woman. Man is created for a woman, and the woman is created for a man. After a run of so many million years, homosexuals are already in the picture. A man is attracted to his fellow man and so is woman to her fellow woman. This had already been common to society.

However common, cases of a woman having a relationship to a man who has not been open about his real gender preference until married life is another story. This can be a cause of great dismay and pain on the part of the woman to discover that she has a man as a rival on her husband. Discovering that your boyfriend is a gay prior to marrying is much easier to accept that learning about it when you are already married. Knowing beforehand that the man you are about to marry is a gay but that who is already on the course of going back to being straight and strongly resisting his feminine tendencies is also easier to accept.

Having a gay spouse beyond a wife’s knowledge can be grounds for annulment of marriage. If a wife is having doubts and suspicions that her husband is a gay, she can seek for a service of an investigator to get evidences that can confirm her suspicions. Women is said to have a strong instinct but the case of sensing the gender of the man whom you have already lived with for a considerable amount of time can become difficult to judge with a clear mind for it can be clouded with different kinds of emotions such as denial, hatred, guilt and many others. These are reasons that would point you of getting clear evidence that you can use if you decide to get an annulment in the future.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crime that is also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, and intimate partner violence. The victim of domestic violence is often the woman. This takes many forms such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, domineering and support or financial deprivation. Domestic violence is also one ground for a marriage annulment or divorce, aside from it being included in the human rights violations act for women.

Domestic violence is often a result of a dysfunctional marriage or abusive relationship for those who are not yet married. This abuse can resort to develop emotional and psychological problem or trauma for a woman if it is tolerated for a long period of time. Women experiencing domestic violence are often controlled by a man’s threats so they are fearful to ask for help. There are instances that it was other concerned people who initiate to ask help to authorities in behalf of the abused woman. If not for the bruises, black eyes, cuts, burns and other marks, the abuse would’ve been obvious if the woman barely ask help.

In the process of filing a case for this, there would still be investigation that the authorities need to be conducted. The husband can be put to punishment of prison if domestic violence is proven. A wife must submit affidavit or sworn statement and may even search for past evidences of the man like history of mental illness, grave misconduct or crime records. A woman can use helpful tools found online such as past criminal records, background checks or hire a private investigator to do this. Woman should know that this abuse should not be tolerated and they can be protected by the society and the law. No one, even a husband whom you sworn to love for better or worse has the right to hurt you.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Child Support Modification

Every child has a right to their childhood – a hopeful existence free of exploitation, violence, neglect, and extreme poverty. Children need education, health services, consistent support systems as well as love, hope and encouragement; all these things and more are required in order to experience childhood to the fullest, and to eventually develop into healthy, capable adults.

Parents should be able to meet these needs. If the children are orphaned and there would be no parents to do these things for them, they should be sheltered by the immediate relatives or a good foster home. A government’s social welfare department who likewise protects these children’s rights should make sure that the children would be given to the rightful hands.

A parent to be capable of providing these needs to a child should have a source of stable income. Even in fighting for child custody, this issue is one very important matter to consider. There is a greater chance for the ‘more-able’ party to be given the right of taking care of the child. If both parents are not capable, the child will be given to a social welfare institution and be tendered until a parent(s) is already capable and stable. 

Doing investigations on the candidate guardian or parents is one process that the court does in order to make a right decision to whom the custody of the child be given. An investigator may look for evidences that a person is well-capable. These can be whether the person has a present job, have profitable business or existing assets and properties to support. This process can also be done thru online people search engines that can likewise return the same information needed to affirm rightful child support. With thru this tool, further background investigation can be done to produce more basis aside from physical assets.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Investigation of Hidden Assets

Records of property and assets of a person should be declared for certain reasons. This is important to assess the extent of one's wealth. This information is used by the government to assess the tax that you are bound to pay regularly. This data is relevant for tax payers to declare in all honesty. Some tax payers tend to fake the real amount of their total income and assets because the more properties and income that they produce, the greater will be the percentage of the tax that they are due to pay. This is violation of tax rules and regulations and one can be subjected for a penalty if not imprisonment.

For some institutions, the overall assessment includes declaration of assets is also required. It is done in order to monitor and prevent possibilities of graft and corruption practices. If someone is having a suspicious amount of income that is produced for his own considering the amount of salary one only receives, this can be a subject for investigation. It is also one of the processes that every government official undergoes as a monitoring ground of anti-graft and corruption practices bill in any government institution.

Investigation of a person’s assets and properties are investigated by special officers, it being their job. To do this however may require acknowledgement of the person being investigated on or you should have the license to do soWith people search engines, you can know a lot of relevant and personal information regarding a certain person such as their present and history of residences, legal cases, properties, and a lot more

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Child Custody and Visitation Investigations

For parents that have been through a problem or cases of separation or abuse, a child’s custody for their child/children is given as an order by a court as to who has the right to take care of the child. Before coming into a decision, there will be court hearing and prior investigation on both parties to ensure that the child will be in better hands - whomsoever it will be granted.

The same process is also done for cases of child adoption. In adopting a child, a written documented or contract must also be availed by the adopting party. This will be a proof that they have the consent and custody and that they have the right to take the child.

There are many known and reported cases of child abuse. These are cases of rape, child trafficking, child labor, maltreatment and many more. A child’s welfare should be assured and protected at all cost. It is for these reasons that human rights law for children is being passed in any constitution. Every child has the right for a care of a loving family – to provide for their basic needs in order to have a good future. This can only be assured if the parent, poster parent, or guardian wherein they will be given has a genuine love and concern on them.

Doing character and background investigation on the candidates for custody is a necessity and a means of assurance. People search engines is a great tool that can help in doing this. When giving the right of custody, the person should be capable of raising the child and can be a good guidance. On the other hand, for the other parent who has not been granted custody, they can also be given visitation rights if proven to deserving.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Background Check for a Security Officer

Police officers, security guards, life guards, and other bodies of authority that takes care of the safety of people should be thoroughly screened for qualification prior to being hired. Security authorities have a great responsibility to implement peace and safety of the people they are in service to at all cost. They are also given the power to maintain peace at all cost, sometimes even the cost of taking someone’s life if proven to be a threat for others.

With this authority that they are given, they should also have to bear great liability for it. For example, security officers are given firearms that they may use as a defense to ill-will persons. They have to make quick decisions when faced with emergencies and for defense. With this kind of authority, an officer may have a lot of temptations to struggle and be disciplined. Some officer may abuse their authority and use it for own selfish intentions. There are already countless cases of crimes where a police or a security person is directly involved in the crime.

These kinds of heinous crimes can be prevented should they be screened and checked thoroughly with all their background. These officers should also always be held in check not just prior to being hired. For the government and private agencies that hold security trainings, they use measures for qualifying someone. However, for private citizens that need to check on the background of someone who may just be claiming the eligibility of being rightfully trained as a security officer, you can do your own private investigation. People search engines is one helpful tool to consider for checking someone’s background. With this kind of tool, you can know whether a person is rightfully authorized and qualified to take care of your safety.