Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding Military Records

Records of the military service men during times of war are one of the important records to consider for them to get their compensation and benefits of service. There have been difficulties to these, more so, if the records are destroyed during the time of war itself or have been lost. There are many cases wherein the veteran could not claim his or her benefits up until they already die on the process of proving their eligibility.

Records of military service are mainly kept in state archives. The United States have record of the names of the these ancestor service men including their prior service rank, age, physical description, marital status, occupation city of birth and place of residence at enlistment.

Pension records are also necessary not only for the military service men but also for their families’ entitlement on the said benefits. This is in the case of death of the veteran member. And in order to be eligible for it, the necessary supporting documents have to be presented. The records of the military men must include marriage certificates, children’s birth certificate, death certificates, and if you may present them a photo of the veteran along with any letter written by the veteran himself, there is a more probability for the approval of the pension.

However, for those who are having difficulties proving their rights due to the lack of evidences and documents on hand, doing an online research can greatly help. Online people lookup can hold records that have not even be enlisted on public records. They are not limited on the government records alone. You may just type the name of the person, the birth date, and any leading information that can point you to digging more unknown history records of your ancestor somewhere therein.

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