Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knowing a Person’s Real Age and Birth Date

Much eligibility is based on a person’s age or date of birth. While there are cases however that a person doesn’t know his or her real age for certain reasons, like that they did not grow up with parents or they have just been adopted and have no known records of birth certificate in the local statistics records.

This might cause problems for some. For most institutions, like public records of local government agencies, or for social security systems, they require birth certificate of a person. This case may just be difficult to resolve, but not impossible. There are solutions that you can consider if you are persistent enough to get it. Much like doing your own personal investigation, you can seek to ask people who can give the details of the day of birth of the person like the midwife, hospital records, relatives, neighbors, or anyone who might just be present when the person was born. But this process might take you long time and can be tedious.It might give low percentage of success rate however.

There is another means which can give greater percentage of positive result. You can seek to hire a private investigator or find information through online people search engines. These means and tool can give you information that you might not get on your own for they are more equipped and trained with investigation techniques and has access to special records not normally open to public. People search engine tools’ databases however are gathered by data spared over the web and can give you the accurate answer that you’re seeking for.

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