Saturday, December 3, 2011

Email Lookup

Electronic Mail or E-mail is a new technology counterpart of a snail mail. The invention of computers and link to a world wide web has made it easier and faster for people to communicate. Your e-mail also serves as your personal electronic mailing address, and unlike a ‘physical residential address’, you can create as many email addresses as you want. There is no provisionary law implemented that states maintaining only one email address per user. This reason breeds problems and access for many frauds and spam mails to spread.

When your email is infested with emails coming from everywhere that you are not sure why you’re getting it, who’s been sending it or in the first place you have not engaged to have contact with, you have been victimized by spam mails. Sometimes you can even receive malicious e-mails sending you messages that can threaten or put you into a compromising state. E-mails can also be hacked; as your password can be determined by other malicious and expert hackers. Your personal mails and files can be in danger of being accessed to. In such cases, resorting to changing your password can be a solution and option for you to do, but it might be too late for you if your files are already hacked. You can however do a certain step that can let you find out who has been sending you mails and trace its source. can be a helpful tool that you can use to know the owner of a certain email address. Likewise, you can also know a person’s email when the only information you have is the name of the person. You can also know more details about the person which can give you clues into tracing the person that has been sending you bogus mails. 

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