Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taxes Liability

A nation’s government gets its funding for most of its local projects from the citizen’s taxes. These sources come from different avenues - from big businesses to commercialism to overseas and local trades. Imagine if taxes weren’t paid, or there are many tax cheaters, or if the anomalies starts from government offices themselves.

As ordinary citizens, our taxes are deducted from our salaries (if you are an employee), likewise we also pay our taxes when percentage are being deducted for our social security funds. The most common and what we have not been noticing from is when we make our regular purchases – from food, shopping and when we avail services, certain percentage of what we pay goes to the tax. This is compulsory and we are not asked to pay, they were automatic system.

What causes a bigger case of tax negligence is with big earners and companies that earn a big amount of income yet they manage to cheat on the percentage of what they remit. There are however assets that wasn’t declared. These certain cases are important to consider since the amount that we pay goes back to us in the form of public service. From government office services, public transportation, the system and processes that we experience from local facilities, to the roads that we thread when we go on our way to our offices. These are all at stake if there could be more negligence of tax payments. If these were problems, how much more if government officials tend to steal the money that we pay? - Sad that there exist cases like that.

But as citizens, we have a responsibility to report things that will take a greater loss once ignored. If we know of certain anomalies, we can take an effort to search and report such cases. There are tools that help us determine if a certain person is really in the business of cheating. The use of people search engines is one of them. From there, you can know a person's assets and property records and public records. There can be no greater way to take a stand for the sake of majority of people than being a citizen that pays concern.

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