Friday, November 11, 2011 Provides A Valuable Background Check Resource For Small Business Owners Hoping To Market Their Online Businesses Using SEO warns business owners to be aware of SEO Scams, and lookup any potential candidates or companies before hiring for SEO services., a leading resource in public records and people search, knows that well done SEO is important for a small business to develop recognition online. If a business understands what they are doing, it is a fantastic way to drive traffic to a site. There are, unfortunately, a lot of people who promise outrageous results for high prices. These SEO scammers will cause frustration and take hard-earned dollars. advises all the businesses to do an address search or background check before going ahead with any business transaction with new company. offers the following warning signs of SEO companies that are nothing but high priced fraudsters,

1. SEO company states that a monthly fee guarantees top rankings - SEO implementation is done through links, great page content, and other things that can’t be taken away once they are set up. If they can take away rankings by non-payment of a monthly fee, it’s not real SEO.

2. Non-Disclosure of work done on the website - Beware of companies that are unwilling to explain the technology in understandable terms and try to explain in technical jargon and non-specifics. Most SEO experts are passionate about what they do and are happy to explain that they are doing.

3. SEO company claims to have relationships with search engine companies that promise top placements - No one is able to promise better results due to relationships with major search engines.

4. Company sends unsolicited email to sell services - Some scammers send emails claiming they ran a search on keywords relating to a company website and nothing came up in the search results. These emails even claim that sites are losing sales because of bad search results. These companies project that their services are the solution to these problems, and offer a free evaluation. These are, without fail, false claims from a company looking to make an easy dollar. offers valuable resources for any business owner that considers embarking in a new business relationship. is the largest online people search with access to more than 200 million profiles across the web. Search people or public records by entering a 10-digit phone number, email address, street address, First & Last name, or social media profile. Find comprehensive information such as images, property reports, postal addresses, reverse phone data  and make an informed decision whether to initiate this new business relation or not. Use to stay connected and find information.

About provides a comprehensive people search service the integrates people and people related data such as public records, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, property records and more to enable advanced searches in one place. Visit our company blog to learn more.

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