Thursday, November 3, 2011

Associates Check

There are instances that assessment via a person’s associates is done prior to some admission, into any claims grant. In a claims grant, they can be the persons that can testify to the identity of the grantee. These are the list of persons that can be contacted and be gotten information from regarding the person that is being assessed. 

Checking for the person’s associates or character reference is one way to identify if the person’s credentials and claims are credible. There are some cases that this process is being bypassed, but if the grant are valuable, thorough screening should be done. Checking on the associates by contacting the numbers provided might not be enough for it can be simulated. Real identities of these associates cannot be verified unless thoroughly checked.

One can use online people find tools to check on their identity. Just type the name of the person and the information is listed including their identity and more.  In this way, the person’s identity cannot be faked. Likewise with grants claim - the connected persons in terms of relationships, benefactors, beneficiaries, and some important identification should be checked. This is beneficial to social security systems, and government institutions. The birthday of the person, financial records, property records and public records are reflected in this thorough online search. Using this system can similarly shield grantor from fraud and giving of claims to the wrong person.

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