Monday, October 31, 2011

Middle Name / Maiden Name Check

Middle names and maiden names is an information that is sometimes overlooked and unknown for it is written in the form of initials most of the time. This is regarded as relevant information of personal records and is basis for a lot of use. Many people can have the same first name and last name, but the distinction can be traced based on their middle names.

The information by knowing a person’s middle name or a maiden name can greatly help if one is to trace a person’s origin and family genealogy. When someone is conducting a rigorous character investigation or background check, knowing middle or maiden names can mainly lead to more detailed data.

Upon verification of public records when availing for a pension or social security benefits, this identification is regarded as significant information. For married individuals, this is relevant. This is especially for the sake of their children’s legitimacy. Sometimes, when parents of the children aren’t married and are not in good terms, the mother has a tendency to use her own surname instead of the father’s. And this can cause confusion on the child’s records.

When the difficulty of identification sets, there are number of ways to consider that will probably give you the safest clue to the real surnames of a person. Look up on the person’s birth certificate, baptismal certificates, marriage contract, or even on the death certificate record. The information on these formal documents is more reliable than any other source for it is at most being verified, and being used for government and public record.

Another source of information is to look upon people search engines. People search engines provide a lot of significant and reliable information. By the use of any initial information that you have, you can simply start your verification online by doing a reverse people search or matching of data. 

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