Sunday, October 23, 2011

Forward and Reverse Email Search

Internet, facebook, twitter, blog, etc. - these terms has almost become part of every household. Anyone can be exposed to technology and can do a lot of things from it. One can even create one or more email addresses more than creating residential address. With the vast information technology arena of the World Wide Web, there never be a lack or scarcity of space for everyone.

With the advances and advantages that modern technology brings, we will never also run out of accompanying problems to encounter. Let’s name one. As I have mentioned earlier, one person can create more than one email address. Doing this for some relevant purpose, say a significant use for your work or for school if you are a student is important in relaying or sharing information. For these matters alone, it is proven to be very useful. But not if you’re starting to receive an email from an unknown source or if you happen not to be sure if the email message you are receiving is really from someone you know.

There are two methods for you to be able to detect this with the use of online search engines. First, you can do forward email search. Just simply type the name of the person on search engine and the search engine would display the email address(s) that is being used by that person. Another method is the reverse email search wherein the email address is the one that you will type and the name of the owner of the email address will be the one to appear.

These methods can be helpful if you are being bogged by spam mails and those mails that contain scams. It can likewise protect you and your computer system from being entered to by unknown viruses and even hackers that endangers to corrupt your files if you are not alert or even aware.

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