Monday, October 3, 2011

Check Mate

Just to perk up some endorphins of excitement! Most of us have oftentimes wondered and want to know about our suitors or potential dates. For mere acquaintances, we barely know things about them if not through common friends or by talking to the person directly. Yet, they say that dating persons are always apt to putting their best foot forward to impress their dates. How could you be so sure that the person is honest about what he/she is putting up on you?

If you are a serious looker, you should be on to knowing something more about the person you are dating. Here are steps to get you know the man or woman that you are eyeing for a potential partner:

First, provided you already know his or her real name, your first resort could be to look them up on white pages. White pages are also available online. You can know place of residence and phone numbers with this search engine site. You can also search for their names on People Search. But with a lot of similar names in people find sites, certain information you might already know about them can guide you to match if the one you have searched is the same person you know.

Second, and probably the most important, you can also look for a bit of background history. With background checks alone, you can know many facts constituting the person as for their full name, address or history of address, date of birth (in case you’re doubtful of his/her age). And most importantly, you can, above anything else check for criminal records. This may sound freaky and so pathetically paranoid to do, but for safety’s sake alone, it can put you on a secure mode of either continuously meeting/dating the person or completely abandoning the thought. You may not want to end up on a nightmare of crime that you could not possibly wake up the next time. Just some warning - enjoy your dates but to give complete trust on some new acquaintance can be a different thing. Have fun and be safe!

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