Tuesday, December 24, 2013

When You Barely Know A Person

It is always an exciting thing to meet new friends. New people in our lives have a way of energizing us and giving us energy on knowing fresh things, hearing new ideas, and gaining new perspectives. With the excitement comes the passion to do more and try new adventures. There is basically nothing wrong with this. After all, we are mere social beings who love to be with our kind. Our fellowmen.

But where does the problem really come in with strangers or new acquaintances? The problem lies when we do not think clearly, trust instantly, and find out in the end that we were not supposed to trust the person. This is a fearful experience to many especially if it is our safety which is at stake.

Sometime, we get cheated out of our money or identity. Somehow, we are able to manage through it. But what if it is our own safety at stake? We cannot just take this risk. It is crucial to think of and protect our lives, as well as that of our family.

Doing a background check on the person, whether it is the new neighbor, a new suitor for your daughter, or anyone new whom you might suspect to take a chapter in your life, is of utmost importance. Do not just leave things to fate. Being safe is our responsibility to ourselves and to our families. We should never take that for granted.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Faith Base Investigation

Faith institutions can also be involved in an anomaly - or people can be skeptical depending on their certain basis. We live in a world with countless kinds of faith base denominations or belief hence rooting a lot of misconceptions and disorder.

Faith base investigations are one of the most critical and sensitive cases unless there would  be strong evidence or witnesses to prove accusations or complaint. Many cases are reported that involves them. Abuse of different kinds, occultism, misleading of people may just be some.

When someone you know is engaging in a kind of faith base institution that you are in doubt, background investigation may help you assess or verify your doubts. You can start looking for information about the organizers or people behind the institution and once you have gathered enough and valid evidence, it is then that you may decide to do some necessary legal action.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Candidate Background Check

Candidates in whatever competition are normally screened for a background investigation. This is done as a basis of their qualification for the place in the competition they are running for. Competitions can be entered in by anomalies not known to voters or followers of a certain candidate. Some cases may involve bribery on the judges to win - a common intrigue on almost every competition. And some sabotaging co-candidates. If a candidate has this as a means to win the contest, should that candidate still be voted?

It should not only be the competition organizers and judges that have to do candidate background check. More so especially the voters (if any) who also have the power to put a candidate to win. Should the winner of that competition affect more people greatly - for instance, candidate for a political position, company or organizational position, international beauty contest etc. These positions affect the majority and so must be guarded more critically beyond apparent basis.

Upon screening a candidate, you must have in mind the things that is important, most especially their capabilities once they win. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spousal Credibility Check

Trust is one of the most important foundation in any relationship. Should there be something that happens that ruins this essential principle, problem starts to crumble the relationship between partners or a group of people.

Mercy (not a real name) had been married for 7 years. Her marriage with her husband was a simple one. She stays as a housewife, taking care of their 5 year old son while her husband worked in an architectural company. Things are going along well between her and her partner. At weekend they spend time as a family to stroll in the mall, go to their in-laws or just stay at home relax and watch DVD. But then she noticed a change on her husband. He suddenly started to come home very late and often irritated. She just thought that it may just be due to his problems at work so she just didn't mind the problem too much. Then the husband started frequently going on an out of town assignment. This already started Mercy to have a suspicion regarding her husband. In the frustration that she felt, she thought of investigating.

She found out that her husband was all along lying to her and was seeing other woman. His out of town trips were also not true and he was just going to his other woman just living on a property near work. She confronted her husband when he arrived home and they had an argument. This went up to the court.

Hidden problems between partners would not be revealed until things like infidelity shook them. On the other hand, being skeptic about sudden changes on a partner helps to figure out the real problems so that it can be patched up - the sooner, the better.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual Harassment is an abusive forcing on someone to do a sexual act or a form of taking sexual advantage on someone. This happens on any places such as at work, school, or just at home and there really is no chosen place - the abuser can be anyone.

Claire (not a real name) is a new secretary in a law firm. She has been assigned to work for the office of Mr. John (not a real name) - one of the resident lawyers of the company. There are times that she has to stay late in the office to finish some documents that are needed for the next day's hearing. On and on, this had become Claire's work routine.

One time, in Claire's wonder, Mr. John stayed up longer in the office. He was working all along on his desk but she noticed in one corner of her eye that Mr. John is stealing glances on her once in a while. She notices this quite often but because she was just new at work, she did not give too much thinking about it but just continued on with her work.

After a while, Mr. John asked Claire for a coffee. When she went to get it and afterwards put it to his desk, he suddenly pulled her arms and tried to grab her. Claire then panicked and hurriedly pulled herself off and went outside. She hadn't managed to say a thing because of her fear and had not even asked for help from their office mates outside the room.

The next day, she did not went to work and just thought of the next thing she has to do. Being afraid of Mr. John and the embarrassment that she will go through, she thought of researching his profile or background information. She found out from there that Mr. John really had a history of sexual harassment in the past but because of the influence of his profession, no one dares to file a case against him.

But due to the evidences that Claire had gotten from her research, plus her personal experience of being one of his victims, Claire had braved to bring this out and file for a complaint thinking if there would be no one who'll dare act against the wrongful doing of Mr. John, there might possibly be more who will be victimized by him. In the persistence of Clare's bravery, Mr. John got fired from the law firm and his professional license was also taken away from him.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Email Spammer Lookup

Spammers are a prick to the head. When you see one on your email list, and you do not have any idea where it came from or how you get them, its quite freaky most especially when it uses your email account to cause a swarm of spam mails to be forwarded to your friends. Your friends may likewise be infected with it  once they get to open the email and click any link on its content.

Spam mail is like a virus and once you have them, it would definitely take a lot of time to reverse their damage on your files and on your friends'. More so, if you are not knowledgeable enough on how to eliminate and prevent them. Internet is very accessible to all. Because of this freedom and lack of security, anyone - even the ill-willed people can create schemes in order to fool people and create money for themselves regardless of who they are affecting.

If companies that have a more systematic way of protecting their files by hiring an IT expert still experience system failure at times, how much more ordinary private users that have less idea on IT, it can get very frustrating.

If you experience this often, you may become more concerned about who your spammers are and find means to stop them. There is a way that you can do to trace them. Nowadays, when you use an online search engines, it can help you do an email or web link search. Through this you may know the origin of the emails being sent to you.

This is a long process but it helps a lot of people. As long as there are someone who takes time and way to stop illegal activities on the internet, more people will be warned not to engage on them and they would eventually stop.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Right Use of Media

Media is a very powerful tool of entertainment, information dissemination, imparting knowledge and moulding morals of a society. That is why it is taking up issues on some moral society groups setting standards to what kind of media should be exposed and what are those that should be banned.

It is important to choose the kind of media that one permeates; Most especially also when our kids  & youth are exposed to them. The youth can easily pick up and follow things especially if it is popular. The most widespread media tool that almost every household has and are exposed to is the television. The television shows, as well as its commercial influences affects people in so many ways. If one doesn’t choose or filter what your children are exposed to, it will influence and mold them greatly. Music is not different from television. A musical lyric other than the kind of music tempo it plays also influences people. The music artists can impart a message through their music. Print media is also one. There are a lot of reading materials, billboards with photographs that shows obscenity. Last but not the least, the world wide web or internet. The internet may be an all in one source of shows, music, photographs and information. It gives people access todifferent information – good and bad. Online games are also one of the things that children as young as toddlers do on their playtime. It is also recently proved to develop addiction on children.

Parents may not always be around to watch what they children do. Sometimes, parents can also be intimidated by these media not knowing anything about it. But there’s a means that can help assure this by doing a research. This way, parents can be up to date and eventually do something with regards to the things  that influences and mould their children.